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Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us!

There are Angels among us,
Any where we could think to go!
Have you talked to one today?
Do you really know?

They come in all shapes and sizes,
And from every walk of life...
There is always one there to comfort you,
All through this world of strife!

We have heard of "Guardian Angels".
Sent down here, from above...
As they watch & keep us always safe,
As they fill our hearts with Love!

They can do such wonderful deeds,
Beyond any, that can compare!
I had one just the other day,
Come over to wash & braid my hair!

There are quite a few others that,
We see, each & every other day...
They bring in hot meals to us,
Then go whistling on their way!

An Angel takes us to the doctors,
Or where ever we need to go...
To a doctor visit or just any place,
He is my Daddy... did you know?

There is another beautiful Angel,
She comes around, nearly every single day.
She brings us in our groceries,
Then she's off, with our bills to pay!

Yes, both of my parents are Angels,
This is known, both far & wide...
I know for all of eternity they shall live,
They'll be with Jesus & by my side!

I know that it is written...
In Gods Word, so bold.
Through out all the many ages,
Stories, of Angels have been told!

Whether it is the good Samaritan,
Living, just down the street...
Or one of the Lords winged deities,
All, are such a blessing to meet!

There are Angels Among us,
with their tender loving care...
All we have to do is seek them out,
Such beauty & such love to share!

I have just been so lucky,
Oh, so wonderfully & truly blessed!
There are Angels all around me,
Who would have ever guessed?

By: ~ charlene kibbey maynard ~

Thank you (((( kathleen! ))))


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